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Reduce injuries and increase productivity with 3arm® ergonomic lift assistance devices

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Each 3arm® is customized for your tool and application at the factory to optimize the arm for your process and achieve out-of-the-box performance.

Series Arms

Hold tools and instruments up to 132 lbs in a weightless state for the operator. Allows increased precision with full range of motion in lockable joints and the ability to safely absorb substantial torque and reaction forces during operation.

Pick & Place
Manipulator Arm

Powerful lift assistance arm with a variety of gripping configurations to pick up and move parts to and from conveyors, assembly lines, machine tools and more – up to 110 lbs. Allows the precision orientation and placement of heavy objects safely and efficiently.

with SmartControl

For precision programming of jobs that define the tightening position and sequence of fasteners. Available on Series 2 and 3 Tool-holding Arms.

Why 3arm®?


Holds tool weight and absorbs torque reactions, reducing operator fatigue and the chance of injury or strain.


Zero gravity operation provides ergonomic benefits that result in increased productivity and precision.


Allows full range of motion required to complete any task more accurately, safely and efficiently

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3arm® was designed by the Tecnospiro Machine Tool Company and are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility about 40 miles west of Barcelona, Spain. The dynamic engineering staff continues to develop innovative manufacturing solutions. 3arm® ergonomic lift assist devices are the strongest, most dependable product of its kind available in the world marketplace today. 3arm® can be used for assistance in assembly, deburring, off-line machining, and all types of lifting operations. Any situation in which productivity, quality, or operator fatigue and employee safety are of concern, 3arm® has a solution. IPT America has been the North American representative and importer since 2006.

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We will help you engineer the perfect solution for your application. We will help you engineer the perfect solution for your application.