Ergonomic Lift Assistance Devices


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An industrial solution for safe social distancing, handling and heavy lifting – protects workers from injury, strain and fatigue.
Ergonomic lift assist device. Safely handle, center and set loads using multiple gripping systems. Prevent the most common causes of worker injury. For safer, more accurate working and increased productivity.
3arm America’s VP of Sales, Paul Schoellman, demonstrates the impact absorption of the 3arm Series 3 paired with a Nutrunner set to 100nm of torque.
Application Specialist Dave Sawicki explains operation features and procedures for the 3arm M5 Manipulator. Changing attachments, balancing the arm and the pick and place, zero gravity, manipulation of parts.
The newest arm from 3arm has officially arrived. The 3arm Manipulator M5 is the lightest portable manipulator with various quick change gripping systems (jaws, vacuum or magnet), the operator can work in excellent ergonomic and safety conditions while increasing productivity up to 50 kg.
3arm offers the ergonomic solution for all types of tools and weight handling thanks to its wide range of models and accessories.
Series 1 mounted on an elevator allows greater reach and a full range of motion while operating an orbital sander.
Series 2 holding a pneumatic hammer to balance weight and relieve operator from the reactive forces of the tool during use.
Series 6 Telescopic by 3arm is designed to hold any type of tools. The revolutionary design is able to reach any difficult position for the operator. Ready to hold heavy tools.
Pick and place style arm uses grippers to lift, position and set loads up to 110 lbs.

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