Ergonomic Lift Assistance Devices


  • Encoder SmartControl system integration available on Series 2 and 3 3arm®
  • Precision programming of jobs that define tightening position and sequence.
  • Head Member customized to fit your vertical fastening tool
  • Encoders measure radial motion to ensure proper position and tightening sequence
  • Touchscreen interface and software
  • Same weight and torque ratings as Series 2 and 3
  • Encoders take place of brakes


  • Additional programs previously created to add or modify fastening positions and modify the precision parameters and programming of torque (the fastening sequence cannot be edited)
  • Possibility of working with up to 7 different fastening programs in the same job
  • Communication with the tool controller to select the different fastening programs (I/O)
  • Communication with the tool controller to enable or block the functioning of the tool (I/O) ENCODER
  • Communication with the tool controller to receive the correct/incorrect fastening signal (I/O)
  • Counting of parts remaining to complete the current job and parts completed
  • Configuration in 3 languages (Spanish, English and French)
  • Possibility of password protection for the system
  • Possibility of inlaying a representative BMP image into the jobs
  • Identifier (overprinted message) of jobs finished correctly

Arm Style





Series 2 Base


Series 3, Short + Short


Series 3, Short + Long


Series 3, Long + Short


Series 3, Long + Long

Vertical Reach

42 in.

Horizontal Reach

68 in.

Max Weight

77 lbs

Compatible Brakes:

Encoder takes place of brakes.