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3arm Distributor Spotlight: JLC Industrial, LLC


Company: JLC Industrial, LLC
Owner: Jamie Callihan 
Address: 3048 Bachelier Rd., Amelia, OH 45103 
Phone: 513-236-0462 
Areas Covered: OH/KY/IN/TN 

About JLC Industrial: 

JLC Industrial is a solutions provider offering engineered equipment and technical products for manufacturing and assembly challenges. They specialize in the automotive, packaging and general manufacturing industries, helping companies find solutions to improve ergonomics, safety, and increase production through automation technology.

JLC Industrial works with assemblers and manufacturers providing custom engineered equipment such as end effectors/lift assist devices, workstations and QC tooling. They also help solve fastening/torque issues and provide non-marring tools & gages.  Procurement, operations, and engineering professionals trust them to provide quality solutions & suppliers.  

Jamie Callihan has been in the manufacturing industry for the past 28 years. He got his start with Ford Motor Company at a transmission plant.  After years of time in machining & assembly, he entered skilled trades as an apprentice.  Taking college courses, he spent time on shop floor with a journeyman and became a journeyman in machine repair. After leaving Ford Motor Company, he founded JLC Industrial in 2009. 

Jamie uses his years of experience, background in automotive manufacturing and repair, and knowledge of engineers’ assembly line requirements to help develop solutions to improve manufacturing and assembly efficiency and takt time.

Applications that are improved by 3arm products:

Reducing weight/stress for operators.  Overhead “shots” of bolts onto vehicles.  Torque absorption. Holding multiple tools for the same task. Extended reach capacity. 

With 3arm Lift Assist Devices, engineers can better plan the assembly line process with precise movements and consistent timing to follow poka-yoke. This provides them much more control over manual tasks and improves efficiency and, therefore, takt time.

With extended reach capacity and specialized end effectors (grippers, vacuum, magnet, and customized solutions), 3arm’s devices can help assemblers reach tight places and do tasks with accuracy, consistency, and safety. Also, 3arm devices are designed with a gas damper system so there are no springs and, therefore, no “pinch points” that may potentially cause harm to operators.

JLC Industrial - 3arm Automotive

Lift assist arms by 3arm prevent injuries and damage by ensuring the tools are always in the same spot (attached to the arm) and are not misplaced, dropped, or swung around with the potential to hit a person, other equipment, or expensive products such as vehicles. 

The tools are held weightless and absorb the torque so assemblers are less fatigued during the day and over their careers, alleviating many repetitive task injuries. 3arm lift assist devices have the ability to hold two tools in exact locations so that assemblers can get two shots in place of one, speeding up the assembly line. 

Specializing in helping automotive assemblers improve the process for underbody shots, JLC Industrial provides 3arm ergonomic lift assist devices to improve efficiency, takt time and safety.

Contact Info: 

Jamie Callihan


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