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3arm Industrial Lift Assist Arms Improve Quality and Reliability of Precision Work


For most humans, doing a task with precision while holding a heavy tool is impossible. Even a seemingly light tool can cause muscle fatigue when doing a repetitive task for hours, causing the operator to be less precise in their work. 

Tasks that require precision benefit from ergonomic lift assist solutions like 3arm tool-holding arms that render the tool weightless. And once the weight is removed with a properly balanced and stable 3arm lift assist device, the ability for the operator to lock the tool in place alleviates muscle strain and improves precision. 

3arm’s tool-holding series of arms have been deployed over many industries and a wide variety of uses to alleviate operator muscle fatigue while operating high-precision tools. The following are just a few of the many applications with tools that can be paired with 3arm tool-holding arms to conduct tasks requiring consistent precision.

  • Medical instruments 
  • Medical lasers 
  • Industrial lasers
  • Scanners
  • Measurement devices 

How 3arm ergonomics improves quality and precision

Examples of the industries that have successfully utilized 3arm’s tool-holding arms to improve precision, quality and ergonomics for employees include:

Forensic Analysis

Challenge: To be able to easily position and manipulate optical-based equipment, such as UV analysis instruments, infrared spectrophotometers, laser scanning microscopes, or spectral imagers to analyze forensic evidence. 

Solution: The 3arm® Series of ergonomic arms allow labs in the forensic analysis industry to modify their equipment to easily lock in on a speck of forensic evidence from a crime scene.

3arm forensics

Forensic Analysis / Medical Scanning

Challenge: To have the ability to easily maneuver a heavy imaging tool during scanning over a large area with a highly variable field of view and working distance. 

Solution: 3arm built a custom solution based on a Series 3 that allows for horizontal and vertical height adjustment, plus the highest weight and torque ratings, while effortlessly allowing operators to scan the entire evidence table.

scanner support 3arm

Medical Laser Treatments

Challenge: To have 360 degree maneuverability of the medical laser and be able to lock it in place for absolute precision work. 

Solution: The 3arm Series 2 arm has tilting and radial arms that allow 360 degree movement at both joints to easily maneuver laser instruments into the desired position, lock the arm in place, and be directed accurately and precisely to the required location. It is also the perfect solution for small working areas.

medical laser treatment

Industrial Laser Cleaning

Challenge: To easily hold and maneuver handheld laser cleaners while maintaining a constant distance between the laser head and the part to be cleaned. To reduce the torsion motion and the weight supported by the operator to a minimum. 

Solution: Most handheld laser cleaners must compromise between the power of the laser and its weight. With a 3arm solution, the laser is rendered weightless and mechanical and pneumatic brakes helps to position the laser head at an optimal distance. This enables the back-and-forth motion required to thoroughly clean the metallic surfaces of rust, paint and other contaminants.

ergonomic laser cleaning

Tire Manufacturing

Challenge: To hold laser instruments continually steady for the marking of DOT codes, logos, symbols, serial numbers and other information on tire sidewalls. 

Solution: 3arm Series 3 arms are well-suited for the tire manufacturing and assembly industry. They can hold a laser in place for laser marking of DOT codes, logos or serial numbers on tires and can be used in production to lift heavy tires coming off the assembly line.

car tire

Automotive Design

Challenge: To provide 3D optical measurement systems complete (360 degree) maneuverability around complex parts where accurate measurement is critical. 

Solution: 3arm tool-holding arms allow operators to easily maneuver manual 3D scanners to digitalize the surface of parts, which is often used in retaining quality control of casted, molded and pressed parts in the automotive industry.

3arm’s tool-holding arms are all precision calibrated at the factory to balance the weight of the tool. 

And a 3arm solution can be bottom mounted, top mounted or wall mounted to accommodate your application. Operators can easily add precision reach by applying a rail, make it mobile with a trolley or add vertical reach with a mounting column, allowing operators to reach the most difficult positions or work with weightless precision. 

3arm’s tool-holding series of ergonomic arms provide the following benefits: 

  • Permit use of heavy tools (up to 132 lbs.) more accurately and safely.  
  • Eliminate tool weight, providing not only an ergonomic benefit, but also increased productivity and precision.  
  • Reduce operator fatigue and the chance of injury due to strain.
  • Eliminate possible damage caused by dropping the tool.
  • Allow increased precision with full range of motion in lockable joints.
  • Have the ability to safely absorb substantial torque and reaction forces during operation.

The versatility and reliability of 3arm tool-holding arms means they can be used in a multitude of applications to alleviate employee ergonomic strain and prevent injuries all while allowing precision work to be done reliably. 3arm lift assist solutions increase productivity and consistency which translates to cost savings from improved safety and lower rates of operator injury, less damage to equipment and products, and increased precision. 

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